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Barchetta World Club The guys who started it all...
Barchetta Club France The French Barchetta Club pages
Barchetta Club Italia The Italian Barchetta Club pages
Barchetta Club Poland #1 A Polish Barchetta Club
Barchetta Club Poland #2 A Polish Barchetta Club
Pieter Bruinsma Barchetta pages Pieter Bruinsma Barchetta pages
Barchetta Club Netherlands The Dutch Barchetta Club
Julien Giraud Julien Giraud's barchetta site
Swiss Barchetta Club The multi-lingual Swiss Club


Viva-Lancia Huib's site devoted to Lancia cars
Lancia Lybra Manolis Lemontzoglou's great site devoted to Lancia Lybra (in Greek)
Brazil Brava Club Brazilian site devoted to Fiat Brava
Fiatistas Portuguese site devoted to Fiat group cars


Alfa Sportivo Hghly-recommended Germany-based Fiat group parts on-line shop

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Antonio J. de Oliveira Audio guy also supplying this server

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